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Piety and Pain

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Piety and Pain
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 2021[3]
MSRP (£) 105[2]
Scale 28mm
Players 2
Preceded by Indomitus
Followed by Hexfire

Piety and Pain is a battlebox for the 9th Edition of Warhammer 40,000.[1]


When a sorcerous plague ravages War Zone Metalica, the Adepta Sororitas forces under Palatine Erika Luminas must race to find the bones of an Imperial saint. With them, they’ll bolster a protective ward around the sector’s most vital cities. Unluckily for them, they’re about to step into the gladiatorial event of the century.[3]

While the Adepta Sororitas are trying to save an entire sector, Lelith Hesperax is embarking on a quest of equally vital importance: making a really good spectacle filled with various entertainments. To prove once and for all that she’s the best gladiator in the shockingly lethal city of Commorragh, Lelith turned the city of Purity into a deadly arena full of traps and called in the cream of Drukhari nobility* to watch her acrobatic displays of wanton murder.[3]


  • The 32-page Piety and Pain campaign book is your guide to the events unfolding in War Zone Metalica that led the Drukhari and Adepta Sororitas into bitter conflict. Additional rules, meanwhile, give you datasheets for everything in the set, as well as army abilities that let you master their full potential. A selection of missions let you play through a mini-campaign that’s ideal whether you're looking to learn the ropes with the armies in the set or experience an evening of thrilling games with a friend. There are also bespoke Crusade campaign rules for the two factions in the set, making the Piety and Pain battlebox a great choice for new and existing players alike.[2]

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