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Pintle weapon

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Pintle weapons are extra weapons mounted on the top of Imperial and Chaos Space Marine vehicles.

Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter

Ultramarine pintle-mounted storm bolter.

The Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter may be fired from an open top or remotely from inside the vehicle. They are treated as an extra defensive weapon.

Pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber

The Pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber is similar to the Storm Bolter version and differs only that it is a Heavy Stubber as opposed to a Storm Bolter.

Pintle Combi-Bolter

Used by Chaos only, the Combi-Bolter is an old design, usually consisting of two Bolters strapped together. The Combi-Bolter can be upgraded to either a Combi-Flamer or Combi-Melta. They may only be mounted on vehicles, not Dreadnoughts or Defilers and only one may be attached to any one vehicle.

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