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Plaguebearers are the Lesser Daemons of Nurgle.


Unlike other Daemons that are born from a tiny piece of a Chaos God's power splitting into a seperate being, Plaguebearers are born from the energy of mortal souls succumbing to Nurgle's Rot.[3a]

These daemons have gangling, bony limbs, their bodies swollen with decay, so much so that glistening innards are exposed through rents in their skin. They possess a single, cyclopean eye and a single horn rising above their haggard, drawn faces, their bodies covered in filth and parasites. Despite the Plaguebearer’s unusual appearance, they are supernaturally resilient to harm, the gifts of their master having inured them to all pain. Plaguebearers are constantly surrounded by clouds of droning flies and chant monotonous hymns, their gait a staggering lope. [4]

Plaguebearers carry rusted, heavy blades known as Plague Swords. These weapons are infused with foul infections and toxins that can make the merest scratch fatal. Others are armed with an Instrument of Chaos or a Plague Banner.[9] These daemons are solemn, cruelly efficient warriors in battle[4], despite their sickly appearance, Plaguebearers pose a lethal threat to anyone they encounter since their otherworldly toughness allows them to endure most attacks with ease. [3a]

They also serve as the Tallymen of Nurgle, eternally bound to record all of their dark god’s pestilential creations. Many believe that Plaguebearers are in fact created by such diseases, incubating within plague victims and feeding upon their dying energies, only to later fully emerge from their heaped bodies.Their sonorous voices attempt to keep count of the number of noxious plagues unleashed by Nurgle; an impossible task, for the Grandfather of Plagues constantly invents new strains of viruses. Mortals who listen to these cursed chants can often fall ill.[2]

A notable source of Plague Bearers is the Daemon World of Bubonicus [1]

Champions of Plaguebearers are called Plagueriddens.[8][9]

Notable Plaguebearers



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