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Plasma Decimator

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A Plasma Decimator

The Plasma Decimator is a type of heavy weapon employed by the Imperial Knight Castellan.[1]

The Plasma Decimator is capable of bathing swathes of the battlefield in searing energies and reducing the enemy to glowing ash. Castellan pilots become adept at regulating the flow of plasmic energy from their dual cores to this potent weapon, even risking angering the machine spirits in order to unleash an especially ferocious blast should the situation demand it.[2a]

Cawl's Wrath

After his reappearing for the Imperium glory, Archmagos Cawl presented a special and unique singular plasma decimator. Its machine spirit data-shackles and enhanced containment fields allow this decimator to generate even more lethal volumes of energy than a simple example of such a weapon. This new decimator weapon was proudly named Cawl's Wrath in the honour of its creator.[2b]

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