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Plasma Destructor

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Plasma Destructors are vast Plasma Weapons, second only in size to the Plasma Annihilator. They are mounted on Imperial Titans and provide heavy firepower over a larger area than other weapons due to their ability to fire multiple times in a row.[1]

The Plasma destructor is commonly found on Warlord Titans.[2] The Imperator class titan can also carry one or more Plasma Destructors on its carapace hard-points.[3] Warhound, Warbringer Nemesis, and Reaver Titans are not fitted with these weapons as their plasma reactors are too small to power them.

Known Patterns

  • Sunfury-Pattern Plasma Destructor: carried by Mars-Alpha Warlords, is also referred to as a plasma annihilator. [4]
  • Suzerain-Class Plasma Destructor: carried by Warmaster Titans.[5] Requires a great deal of power to operate and is not unlike the Plasma Annihilator in function. The Warmaster is only able to operate the weapon due to a specific secondary reactor meant to power it.[5]



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