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Imperial Fleet Equipment

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The Imperial Navy as well as other ships of the Imperial Fleet and Space Marines use a wide variety of weaponry, propulsion methods, and support systems.


  • Void Shields are the primary and most effective method of protection for large Imperial starships. These are energy shields which use Warp technology to protect against fast-moving ranged attacks.
  • Gellar Fields are vital for Warp travel, protecting starships against the dangers of the Immaterium, such as Daemons.[2]
  • Field Braces are power-field generators used to reinforce a ship's hull and structural support. Though not as powerful as Void Shields, they can greatly reinforce a vessel's structural integrity as long as they are powered.[1c]
  • Defensive Countermeasures are a collective term for defensive systems used for point defense on Imperial warships. These consist of systems to interfere with enemy targeting systems, arrays to jam hostile communications, thermal buoys to draw heat-seeking missiles, and other devices designed to keep enemy vessels from accurately firing or communicating.[1c]


  • Warp Drives are complicated engine devices which allow Imperial Ships to travel through the Immaterium in order to reach destinations across the vastness of space. They are dangerous devices and due to the inherent perils of Warp Travel are only used for long-range travel.[1a]
  • Plasma Drives serve as a starship's principle method of propulsion for short destinations that do not require Warp travel and are not nearly as dangerous as Warp Drives. These are powered by the ships Plasma Reactors.[1a]

Support Systems

  • Auger Arrays are scanning arrays that allow Imperial Starships to probe and detect sources of energy and heat on planets or in the depths of space, making them useful for detecting incoming enemy ships or pinpointing vital installations on hostile worlds.[1b]
  • Life Sustainers are a collective name for support systems vital for the operation of Imperial starships. These include water filters, air purifiers, void suits, pressurization systems, and artificial gravity.[1a]
  • Plasma Reactors are massive devices which serve as the power sources of Imperial starships.[1a]

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