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Plasma annihilator

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Plasma Annihilator[2]

The Plasma Annihilator is a vast Plasma Weapon mounted only on Emperor Battle Titans. It can lay down extremely heavy fire, but also at high rates of fire. The ability to devastate a large area alone would make the weapon worthwhile, however the sheer power provided by the Titan's plasma reactors charge the weapons to their ultimate, devastating potential.[1]

The plasma unleashed by this weapon explodes upon impact with all the power of a miniature sun, forming craters hundreds of meters in diameter and turning sand into glass.[3] Simply firing the weapon is destructive in and of itself as it produces a deafening roar which shatters glass for a kilometer in all directions. Lesser Titans such as Gargants are reduced to little more than melted sludge by the sunfire emitted from a Plasma Annihilator.[4]

The Sunfury Plasma Annihilator is a smaller version mounted on Warlord Class Titans.


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