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Plasma pistol

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Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is a smaller version of the Plasma Gun, just as dangerous as other Imperial Plasma Weapons.


Officers favour plasma pistols for their power to neutralize heavily-armoured enemies in an easily-handled pistol configuration. As well, their rarity marks plasma pistols as icons of status that the bearer is considered important enough to have access to one. Amongst Space Marines, plasma pistols are available to Assault Squads to become more effective as tank hunters.[Needs Citation]

The current design in use is the MK III 'Sunfury'.[Needs Citation]

Known Plasma Pistol Patterns

  • Barrage Plasma pistol
  • Mk III "Sunfury": subtype plasma pistol, used by Novamarines[2c]
  • Ryza Pattern "Wraith"[1]
  • Ryza Pattern "Sunspite" - Used during the Horus Heresy[7]
  • Ultra Mk II: used by Marines Errant Space Marine Chapter[2a]
  • Valthek-II: Astral Claws chapter pattern variant of monocore plasma pistol[2b]
  • Helicon Pattern: A subatomic plasma pistol with an effective range of 100 meters and lethal out to 200 meters. It had a capacity of ten shots with a 25.73 recharge time between each shot. Production discontinued in 843.M41 due to a 47% increase in the overheat margin per shot past the fifth shot.[3]
  • Mk V "Wrathfire": a more compact pattern than the Sunfury or Ultra[6].
  • Kronos Mk.III Plasma Pistol: Produced in the Calixis Sector. These weapons are often constructed as part of an aspiring Tech-Priests trials.[8]

Famous Plasma Pistol Users

Imperial Guard

Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines

Notable Plasma Pistols


An Inquisitor armed with the plasma pistol

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