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Imperial Guard Command Squad

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Imperial Guard unit. For other uses of Command Squad, see Command Squad (disambiguation).

A Command Squad is a specialized unit utilized by the Imperial Guard, which typically accompanies high-ranking officers into combat. They are tasked with protecting their commanding officer, and with spearheading whatever specialized combat missions he embarks on.

The Guard uses two types of Command Squad: Company Command Squads[1a] and Platoon Command Squads[1c].

Company Command Squads

A Cadian Vox-Operator
A Cadian Standard Bearer

A Company Command Squad accompanies the company's senior officer into combat, and its primary function is to direct the various units of the company in order to carry out the officer's orders[1a].

A typical Company Command Squad numbers five men, including the company officer. The Guardsmen who are selected to join the Command Squad are among the Company's most competent soldiers and have often displayed exceptional gallantry. Command Squad members can expect to receive additional training as specialised orderlies, such as medics or vox-operators[1a].

A typical Command Squad includes:

  • Vox-Operator: the vox-operator receives specialist training with Guard communications equipment and often acts as an aide or adjutant to an officer. Some Vox-operators are referred to as Comms-Officers and appear to have some level of NCO authority despite being ranked as simple Guardsmen.[1a]
  • Medic: always a veteran and equipped with some form of Medi-pack allowing him to patch up wounded fellow Guardsmen, a Medic is also a soldier, meaning he is as skilled at combat as any normal Guardsmen.[Needs Citation] Such battlefield medics can be referred to as Corpsman or even Orderly and do not typically rank as officers. Command Squad medics are not always true members of a regiment's medical staff, meaning they are not fully qualified Medical Officers (also known as Doctors and/or Surgeons). Such personnel often stay in the rear of the regiment, awaiting incoming casualties.[1a]
  • Standard-Bearer: also typically a veteran soldier, a standard-bearer has the honour of carrying a Company or Regimental Standard[1a].

Regimental Advisors

In addition to the core command squad, a number of Regimental Advisors may be attached to the squad, depending on the combat mission, including[1b]:

The 1st Kronus Regiment typically deployed a Command Squad consisting of General Alexander and up to five companions, including one or more Commissars, Sanctioned Psykers, Ministorum Priests, or Kasrkin bodyguards[2].

Platoon Command Squads

A platoon command squad serves much the same function as a Company Squad, but at the platoon level: as advisors, orderlies and bodyguards for a platoon leader[1c].

The number of Platoon Command Squads in a regiment varies tremendously, as attrition is usually high among the lower ranks, and new officers and/or platoons are being constantly created[1c].



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