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Power Lance

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Space Marine Power Lance

A Power Lance, also known as a Power Spear[3] is a special type of power weapon, a power blade mounted on the end of a long shaft.[2] Like most power weapons, it can tear through all manners of material with ease thanks to its disruptive energy field generated around the blade.[3]

Imperial Power Lances

Space Marines of the White Scars Chapter often favor Power Lances[1] Built by the Chapter's Techmarines to take advantage of their battle-brothers' style of combat, the Power Lance functions in a similar manner to other power weapons, but is much longer in reach. Able to wield them with one hand, White Scars riding bikes can cause tremendous damage using their Power Lances in a charge against enemy forces. However, the longer reach comes at a price, as the lance is unwieldy to use in hand-to-hand fighting.[1]

Larger versions of the Power Lance are also employed by Imperial Knight walkers, particularly Knight Lancers.[4]

Known Subvariants


Both the Craftworld Eldar and Dark Eldar utilize Power Lances.[3] Autarchs utilize a variant known as the Star Glaive.

Notable Power Lances


Eldar Power Lance[3]

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