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Power maul

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Space Marine Power Maul[4]

Power mauls are Imperial Power Weapons most commonly used by the Adeptus Arbites[1] but also utilized by other armies such as the Adeptus Astartes.[4]


Effectively a baton surrounded by a power field, the power maul has a hidden subtlety: the power field setting can be extensively adjusted so that its disruption effect can vary from bashing a hole through a wall, to delivering a sudden knock-out blow to an individual. This tactical depth-of-use makes it a valued tool of Imperial law enforcement. Arbites shock troops employ the weapon in combination with the suppression shield in breaking up riots.[1]

A variety of power maul patterns exist, with distinctive features that can affect a user's fighting style. For example, the classic Ultima pattern maul is short and heavy with little ornamentation, making it well suited for choppy strokes. They are effective as truncheons, even without activating their power fields, and can easily break the bones of an assailant. In contrast, the Hydraphur pattern is longer, lighter and more slender, with a spiked handguard which impedes reverse-grip techniques. Lacking the weight of other patterns, they require greater finesse to wield, with users lightly jabbing opponents with the tip and letting the power field do the rest, almost as if they were fencing.[5]

A similar weapon is the shock maul, which uses an electrical discharge instead of a power field to incapacitate the enemy.[2][3]

Famous Power Mauls


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