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Poxwalkers are Chaos troops which often accompany the Death Guard and other followers of Nurgle into battle.[1]


Poxwalkers are the victims of so-called Walking Pox - one of a numerous diseases created by Nurgle. Victims of this virus find their bodies shutting down and rotting until eventually they die, though not completely. The jolly humour of Nurgle is such that they've remain cruelly conscious and aware of all that occurs with them, souls of victims trapped in their dead bodies and with a rictus grin they stagger out in search of living meat to feast on. Many Inquisitors of Imperial Ordo Sepulturum claims that the Walking Pox is a variant of Nurgle's Rot, since the victim's flesh often mutates even after physical death, sprouting out horn-like spikes, similar to those that have become Plaguebearers.[2]

Poxwalkers display simple coordination and as they stalk into battle, they wield different debris. Though slow and clumsy, they are very resilient and can withstand heavy damage. Worse still they can groan with such volume, that the resulting cacophony can damage the souls of nearby living creatures, spreading the Walking Pox further away. Poxwalkers are particularly dangerous in big hordes, because of this groan ability, their resilience and sheer numbers they can overrun enemy lines, ripping, bludgeoning and gnawing their screaming victims in an orgy of bloody and mindless violence.[2]


A squad of Poxwalkers[4]

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