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Praetorian Servitors

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the class of Servitor; for the Class of Skitarii, see Skitarii Praetorian.

The Praetorians are a class of heavily armed and armoured Servitor that are created by the Adeptus Mechanicus to guard the shrines and temples dedicated to the Machine God from direct attack. They are commonly built with tracks or jointed mechanical legs to allow for easier mobility and to support their immense weight.

Praetorians are created from vat-grown giants or mind-scrubbed Ogryns. While their fearsome presence alone is enough to generally discourage attack, they also have the power and weaponry to back up their threatening appearance. Praetorians tower even over Space Marines in battle.

Their duties are not limited to just guarding temples, as they often serve as bodyguards to Techpriests on the battlefield. Although they are Servitors, the Praetorians are held in high esteem by the Skitarii who fight alongside them.


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