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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngPrandium
Name: Prandium Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[6]
Sector: Ultima Sector[6]
Subsector: Ultramar[6]
System: Unknown
Population: N/A
Affiliation: Imperium (Ultramarines)
Class: Dead World

Prandium is a planet classified as a Dead World and is part of the Ultramarines empire of Ultramar located within the Ultima Segmentum.[1]


Once considered the most beautiful world in Ultramar by members of the Ultramarines, during the Horus Heresy, Prandium was used to stage a mock battle between two forces of the Ultramarines - one impersonating the tactics and appearance of the World Eaters, one led by Remus Ventanus, Captain of the Ultramarines' 4th Company. The intention of this mock battle was to test the efficiency of an early version of the Codex Astartes against the unique tactics of the World Eaters Legion. Although the worth of the Codex was proven by Ventantus' success, the battle left swathes of Prandium in ruins and a shadow of its former self.[2]

After the end of the Heresy, Prandium recovered, becoming an Agri-World that supplied consumables to the rest of the Sector. Over time the planet reclaimed its former beauty and once again became known as the "jewel in Ultramar's crown", prospering for thousands of years. During the War of the Beast, Prandium was invaded by Orks.[5]

After the war, Prandium was again at peace until it was attacked and consumed by Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745.M41.[3] Prandium is now devoid of all life. The Tyranids were so thorough that even Prandium's atmosphere was consumed for whatever biomass it contained. The Ultramarines, led by Marneus Calgar, mounted a defence of the planet, but even the might of the Space Marines was no match for the endless tide of Tyranids and they were forced to retreat to orbit. Over two hundred years later the Ultramarines still consider their failure at Prandium a great blemish on their honour.[4]


Prandium is Latin for (late) breakfast, so the pun is that the planet was the Tyranids' breakfast.

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