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Prime Helix

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Prime Helix DWRB.jpg

The Prime Helix is a Space Marine Honour Badge that appears as a winged helix design. The bright red helix represents the gene-seed of the chapter and the gray wings represent the Imperium.[Needs Citation], to represent the sacrifice Space Marines must make for the Chapter and the Emperor. The helix is an ancient and potent symbol to the Adeptus Astartes as it stands for the sacred gene-seed which all Space Marines carry and their connection to the Emperor and their Primarchs. The Prime Helix is often worn on the shoulder pad, however, it can also be presented on the Battle-Brother's power pack or his chest plate. Sometimes a ranking Apothecary will also have a personal back banner, in which case this too will bear the Prime Helix. Finally the Prime Helix is sometimes uses as a general symbol of the Apothecarion and can appear on their equipment or in chambers or areas controlled by them.[1]

This Honour is awarded to Apothecaries and is worn as a symbol of their skill and sacrifice for the Chapter, who have proven their dedication to the Chapter under great duress and made a personal difference in the continuation and safeguarding of the Chapter's genetic heritage, usually through the recovery of a fallen Space Marine’s gene-seed. The Prime Helix may be further embellished and made more ornate if the Space Marine distinguishes himself to the Chapter’s Apothecarion.[1]