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Prism Cannon

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Prism Cannon[6]

The Prism Cannon is an Eldar laser weapon of great destructive potential. The main armament on the Fire Prism grav-tank, the Prism Cannon is not only a powerful cannon but has many unique properties that give it great versatility.


While efforts by the Imperium to capture and study working examples of the Prism Cannon have been mostly unsuccessful, a basic understanding of its inner workings has been achieved. A two-stage firing process sees a medium-magnitude laser from the primary charge chamber fed through an acceleration chamber into a massive crystal prism, which traps and intensifies the shot within a fraction of a second. This energy is then focused through a secondary prismatic lens, with which adjustment motors can produce a highly-focused energy beam capable of blasting through the thickest of armour or a dispersed beam for slaying entire squads of enemy infantry. Thanks to sophisticated targeting arrays within the Fire Prism, this weapon can also channel its energy into a second Prism Cannon, producing an energy blast powerful enough to obliterate even the toughest targets.[1][2][3][4]

Another area where the Prism Cannon excels is range; with twice the reach of a Scatter Laser or Pulse Laser, the Prism Cannon can hit targets that are just visible on the horizon. This makes the Prism Cannon equally dangerous as an anti-aircraft weapon, and allows Eldar assaults to open up with a punishing Prism Cannon barrage before the enemy is even aware of them.[3]

Exodite Eldar have been known to mount Prism Cannons on large Dinosaurs.[5]

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