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Prism of Fate

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Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Prism of Fate -
Chaos dedication: Tzeentch[1]
Specialty: Psychic powers[1]
Strength: Unknown
Splinter factions: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown

The Prism of Fate are a warband of the Thousand Sons.[1]


The Prism of Fate has always prided itself on the diversity of psychic disciplines amongst its ranks. They once ensured that adherents from each of the cults of Prospero could be counted amongst their number, the better to steer their brotherhoods through whatever challenges their Primarch — and their Emperor — should ask of them. Since the devastation of the Heresy, the Prism’s Sorcerers have focused ever more obsessively on the diversity of deaths they can inflict upon their foes. Its Sorcerers take pride in never slaying one victim in the same way as another – their longevity is such that imagination is counted the most kingly of virtues. [1]

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