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Projectile weapon

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Projectile Weapons are devices which launch a shell at an enemy. For purposes of this article, gyro-jet weapons such as Bolters are included, but Missiles, Rockets, and energy-based weapons are excluded.

Projectile weapons have origins in an era before recorded history, slings, darts, bows and arrows are just a few examples of early developments. Projectile weapons are incredibly varied with differing rates of fire and strengths. For larger projectile weapons, see Ordnance Weapons.

Auto Weapons

Main article: Auto Weapons
Auto Weapons fire solid slugs instead of laser beams. Among Imperial forces they are less commonly used than standard Las Weapons.


Main article: Slug-throwers
Slug-throwers is a term for a broad category of firearms which fire a solid shell or bullet, including auto weapons as well as the more primitive stub weapons.

Bolt Weapons

Main article: Bolt Weapons
Bolt Weapons use a unique combination of a traditional projectile weapon with a gyro-jet munition. The Imperium utilizes many variations of Bolt weapons.



Big Shoota

Main article: Big Shoota
The Big Shoota is the heavy version of the Ork Shoota. It is both stronger and has a higher rate of fire.

Grot Blasta

Main article: Grot Blasta
The Grot Blasta is a small weapon used by Gretchin, simply to avoid going into battle unarmed. These weapons are almost always useless against any enemies


Main article: Shoota
The Shoota is the primary Ork ranged weapon. They are very heavy, too much for a normal human, however an Ork can easily move and shoot with it.


Main article: Slugga
The Slugga is the basic pistol used by the Orks and is favored by Slugga Boyz.


The Kannon is a simple but powerful Big Gun. It can fire explosive frag rounds or special anti-tank shells.


The Lobba is a Big Gun that fires an explosive projectile in a high arc, like the Imperial mortar.


Avenger Shuriken Catapult

Main article:Shuriken - Avenger Shuriken Catapult
The Avenger shuriken catapult is the basic weapon of the Dire Avengers.

Death Spinner

Main article:Death Spinner
The Death Spinner is a weapon fielded by Warp Spider Aspect Warriors. It fires monmolecular strands that cut at the molecular level.

Shadow Weaver

Main article:Shadow Weaver
The Shadow Weaver is a larger version of the Death Spinner. It lofts a cloud of monmolecular strands that rain down on enemy positions.

Shrieker Cannon

Main article:Shrieker Cannon
The Shrieker cannon is a portable version of the Shuriken Cannon fielded by Harlequin Death Jesters. It fires toxin coated shuriken.

Shuriken Pistol

Main article:Shuriken - Shuriken Pistol
The Shuriken pistol is a smaller version of the Shuriken catapult and is designed for use in close combat.

Shuriken Catapult

Main article:Shuriken - Shuriken Catapult
The Shuriken catapult is the basic weapon of the Eldar and is used by Guardians.

Shuriken Cannon

Main article:Shuriken - Shuriken Cannon
The Shuriken cannon is a larger version of the Shuriken Catapult and has a faster rate of fire.



Main article: Railgun
The Railgun is a massive weapon mounted on vehicles or battlesuits. It fires a projectile at hypersonic speed utilizing magnetic or gravitic forces.

Rail Rifle

Main article: Rail Rifle
The Rail Rifle is a man-portable version of the Railgun. It fires a smaller and less damaging projectile.

Dark Eldar

Splinter Cannon

Main article: Splinter Cannon
The Splinter Cannon is a deadly version of the Splinter Rifle, maintaining a very high rate of fire.

Splinter Pistol

Main article: Splinter Pistol
The Splinter Pistol is the close combat version of the Splinter Rifle and includes many barbs and other deadly and viscous attachments.

Splinter Rifle

Main article: Splinter Rifle
The Splinter Rifle is the Dark Eldar basic weapon and is easy to use, launching shards of crystals at enemy forces.

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