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Prophaniti was a Daemon trapped into into a human host by Inquisitor Quixos.


This page contains spoilers for: Malleus (Novel)

Quixos was never able to determine the demon's true name, resulting in the name he gave it (something of a play on the word "profanity", which is ironically appropriate). Along with Cherubael, Prophaniti served as part of Quixos' "entourage".

In 339.M41, Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn and Inquisitor-General Neve, fresh on the trail of Quixos, stumbled upon Prophaniti and the Sons of Bael while they were measuring the dimensions one of the Pylons of Cadia at Kasr Gesh. A fight broke out almost immediately, but the Sons of Bael were no match for Neve's Kasrkin bodyguards, and were promptly wiped out almost to the last. Prophaniti himself proved to be more of a challenge, however, and would have killed them all if not for the untouchable quality of Alizebeth Bequin. Such as it was, the daemonhost managed to melt Eisenhorn's power sword, also commenting on the weapon's weakness despite the addition of pentagrammic wards, and briefly knocked Neve unconscious. In the end, it was the valiant sacrifice of Neve's three Kasrkin that bought Eisenhorn enough time to call in the firepower of his gun-cutter and vaporised Prophaniti's host body. Prophaniti, however, then proceeded to possess the body of Eisenhorn's associate Husmaan and took off just as Inquisitor Osma arrived on the scene to arrest Eisenhorn on charges of heresy.

In 343.M41, Eisenhorn, who had managed to escape from Osma's grips and once again hunting Quixos, came to Farness Beta to put an end to the heretic Inquisitor's works once and for all. This time, however, Eisenhorn was accompanied by a cell of four of his fellow Inquisitors and a full Inquisitorial task-force. Deep within Quixos' mountain stronghold, Prophaniti engaged Inquisitor Commodus Voke in psychic combat and killed him. However, he was promptly attacked by Eisenhorn, who, this time utilizing his runestaff, managed to channel enough power into the daemon to not only banish it, but completely annihilate it forever.