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Prospects are expeditionary and prospecting fleets of the Leagues of Votann.[1a]

These fleets have left the Votann homeworlds of the Galactic Core and ventured into the greater galaxy. They are made up of Kin who have decided to leave their people and seek wealth for their people or knowledge to one day offer up to their League's Ancestor Core. These fleets have allowed the Kin of the Leagues of Votann to encounter all the major races of the Galaxy, either as foes, trading partners, or mercenaries. Some Prospects are quite small, while others may consist of entire Kindred that have moved themselves out of the Core.[1a]

Many of these expeditions have been misidentified as an entire race in and of themselves by other civilizations within the galaxy. The T'au and Humanity alike have dubbed these expeditions the Demiurg, Gnostari, Kreg, and others.[1a]

Prospects are viewed with a great deal of scepticism by the larger Leagues of Votann. Many view leaving the core for an indeterminate period for "far-space" to be a fool's errand. Indeed "Sailed to Far-space" is a Truth idiom used by the Leagues of Votann to mean that a Kin has embarked on a dangerous course of action they will likely regret. However, others view such undertakings as great quests that allows them to study their ancestral roots before the settlement of the Core millennia ago.[1b]

Known Prospects