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Prospero Spireguard

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The Prospero Spireguard were an Imperial Army regiment during the Great Crusade that served as part of the 28th Expedition Fleet, under the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion.[1a]

Appearance & Uniform

During the Compliance action on Ark Reach Secundus, in order to survive the sub-zero temperatures, the Spireguard were noted to have worn crimson greatcoats, heavy boots, and silver shakoes lined with fur cut from the wings of the snow-shrikes, an indigenous bird used by the Avenians as weapons.[1b]

One officer of the 15th Prosperine Assault Infantry was described as wearing a silver helmet and a crimson uniform jacket, the jacket decorated with brass buttons and gold frogging.[1c]

During the defence of Tizca, Spireguard were said to wear red[1d], or specifically crimson[2a] jackets, along with their silver plasteel helmets (some of which were seen to be plumed). These red coats were said to be distinctive, with many sporting gold frogging. While the coats had ballistic armour incorporated into their design, the overall effect of the Spireguard uniform to an observer at this time was to make them think of a civilised and decorative force that would perhaps look more suited to formal ceremonies than resisting a ground assault by Astartes.[2a]

Weapons & Equipment

Known to contain Artillery and Heavy Armour elements. [Needs Citation]

A preponderance of lasweapons, autoweapons and sabres were seen amongst officers and men during the defence of Tizca.[2a] Previous to the assault, one officer's personal weapons were a laspistol and a long, curved sabre.[1c]

As well as the ballistic armour present in their uniform jackets, some Spireguard were noted to possess displacer fields or riot shields.[2a]

Regimental History & Battle Honours

Half a regiment of Spireguard were onboard the warship Waning Moon under the command of Thousand Sons Space Marine Mhotep during the early start of the Horus Heresy. They were placed on standby to board the mysterious vessel, the Furious Abyss, but were ultimately killed, when the Furious Abyss destroyed the Waning Moon.[3a]

As part of the 28th Expeditionary Fleet, the Spireguard participated in the Ark Reach Secundus campaign.[1b] The Regiment was present during the siege of Prospero by the Space Wolves Legion.[2a]

After the Horus Heresy, the Spireguard, now corrupted by the forces of Chaos, would continue to fight under the Thousand Sons. They saw action in the siege of the Space Wolves Homeworld of Fenris, this time led by Magnus the Red himself.[4]

Notable Regiment Members

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