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Proteus Protocol

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2drones.gif Ambiguous Term? This article is about the the technology. For other uses of Proteus, see Proteus (disambiguation).

The Proteus Protocol is a semi-mythical type of technology that it is forbidden to research in the Imperium. This ancient heretical technology consists of transferring not only the engramatic knowledge and memory of an organic brain but also the personality and will of the user. This, in effect, allows a user to accomplish mental as well as spiritual immortality through an artificial physical form. The few legends that surround the Proteus Protocol state that the abominations created by it were soulless beings that seek dark desires and alien hungers that can never be satiated. Despite these warnings, many still seek to find examples of the Proteus Protocol in order to become immortal.

The heretic cult known as the Logicians have been known to pursue examples of the Proteus Protocol.[1]

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