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Psycharus Worm

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The Psycharus Worm is a Halo Device that was found on the derelict ship Emperor's Bounty. Appearing like a tarnished brass maggot some six inches in length, the worm is cold and greasy to the touch and on first inspection appears to be nothing more than a macabre curio. However, when linked to the warp it possesses a terrible intelligence and the power to animate the dead into vile Warp Puppets.[1b]


The Worm was found somewhere in the Koronus Expanse and brought on board the Emperor's Bounty, by its unsuspecting captain, Janrak Spargan. The device remained inactive in the care of Janrak for much of the return journey to the Calixis Sector until it was examined by his Navigator, Orden Hyort. As soon as he touched the cursed artifact, it sprang to life and clawed its way onto his face and latched over his third eye. Drinking deep from the link to the warp, the Worm infused Orden with unnatural power and dark alien desires. Compelled by the Worm, the Navigator vented much of the ship's atmosphere into space, killing hundreds of the crew.[1b]

Using the Worm's power to animate the dead, he used these Warp Puppets to try and take control of the ship. A bloody struggle ensued in which most of the remaining crew, including Janrak, were killed. Though the few survivors were not able to kill Orden or destroy the Worm, they did manage to scuttle the vessel, preventing him from taking control. The Emperor's Bounty was left drifting in space and Orden had no choice, but to wait for another chance to escape.[1b]

After its disappearance, information about the Bounty's location was found and then sold to the Rogue Trader Sarvus Trask, who received a Writ of Claim to the recovery and salvage of the Emperor’s Bounty from the Administratum[1a]. Arriving on board a guncutter from his ship the Sovereign Venture, Sarvus and his crew were soon attacked by Orden and his Warp Puppets. Unable to do any damage to Orden, who was protected by a force-field, and cut off from their guncutter, they escaped into the depths of the ship; where they were soon contacted by survivors of the original crew.[1b]

After their encounter with Orden and conversing with the Bounty's survivors, Sarvus realized that as long as the ship's gellar field was en-active, they would not be able to put a stop to the Worm's power or escape the ship. Thinking quickly Sarvus and his crew made their way to the ship's Core Cogitator and awakened the Bounty's Machine Spirit. With the geller field reactivated the Worm's power was weakened and Sarvus was able to kill Orden. With its host dead, the Worm returned to its inactive state and Sarvus was able to commence his salvage operation on the Bounty. What happened to the Psycharus Worm after that is unknown.[1b]