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Psychic Awakening

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the psychic phenomenon; for the rulebook series, see Psychic Awakening (Series).

The Psychic Awakening is a phenomenon that has been observed since the end of the 41st Millennium and the birth of the Great Rift.[1a]


Save the Dark Eldar, whose psychic powers have atrophied, all Eldar possess a degree of psychic ability. However since the Great Rift split the galaxy in half, these gifts have burgeoned in a variety of different ways. The Farseers of Craftworlds accept this is a result of the Rift (known to the Eldar as the Dathedian) introducing a vast bleed of aetheric energy into the galaxy. Of all the Eldar, Craftworlders (or Asuryani) are most in tune with psychic matters, and without the Path system, they would have been driven mad by the increase of psychic activity. The mental and cultural discipline of the Path system, however, has allowed the Asuryani to endure the flare-up.[1a]

Those Asuryani that have trod the Path of the Seer have found their prophetic glimpses escalating into full and potent visions, magnifying their ability to foresee fate and react accordingly. On every Craftworld their Runes of Warding that hold back the Daemonic tides burned out at a daunting rate, nearly as quickly as they could be regrown from psycho-reactive material. With this influx of energy came other new abilities for the Asuryani. Even Aspect Warriors were affected, with Exarchs becoming able to channel echoes of Khaine and focusing the resultant energies. When Howling Banshees charged, the wind itself screamed its fury alongside them; when Striking Scorpions gathered in the shadowed recesses of the battlefield, they became all but invisible to the naked eye until they leapt from cover and fell upon the foe. While they had always possessed these abilities to a degree, thanks to the Psychic Awakening they became greatly amplified.[1a]

The Psychic Awakening may be connected to the new wave of mysterious visions across Astropathic networks that many have interpreted as the awakening of the Star Child.[10]


The following are events associated with the Psychic Awakening by faction: