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Psyk-Out Grenade

Psyk-out weapons have similar effects to Psycannon bolts; they are anti-psyker weapons. Psyk-out weapons take grenade and missile form.

When they detonate they release fine dust particles which are heavily impregnated with negative psychic energy. This form of energy is extremely rare; in all of human space it can be obtained only as a by-product of the Emperor's metabolism.[2] Using the material to create anti-psyker weapons is considered by many to be a great waste, and their issue is strictly controlled. Psyk-out weapons are useless against non-psychic targets. Against psychic creatures such as daemons and psykers, however, their effects are devastating.[Needs Citation]

They are utilised by Culexus assassins and by Witch Hunter armies (as orbital missiles). Historically, they were wielded by the Sisters of Silence.[1]

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