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Psyk-Out Grenade

Psyk-out weapons have similar effects to Psycannon bolts; they are anti-psyker weapons. Psyk-out weapons take grenade and missile form.

When they detonate, they release fine dust particles which are heavily impregnated with negative psychic energy. This form of energy is extremely rare; in all of human space it can be obtained mainly as a by-product of the Emperor's metabolism,[1] but at the same time Inquisition is able to render down the same materials from the rarely captured Sensei.[2] Using the material to create anti-psyker weapons is considered by many to be a great waste, and their issue is strictly controlled. Psyk-out weapons are useless against non-psychic targets. The Sisters have more esoteric methods for hunting foes whose sorcerous abilities make them proof against physical harm. Psyk-out grenades, for instance, contain the ground-down ashes of cremated martyrs from the ranks of the Sisters, bodily remains that have lost none of their potency as weapons of nullification. The foe reels after each detonation as the sisterhood close in to deal the final blow.[4] Against psychic creatures such as daemons and psykers, however, their effects are devastating.[Needs Citation]

They are utilised by Culexus assassins and by Witch Hunter armies (as orbital missiles)[3]. Historically, they were wielded by the Sisters of Silence.[Needs Citation][Source expired]

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