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Pulse ARC Cannon

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Pulse ARC Cannon

The Pulse ARC Cannon, also known as the Pulse Blastcannon[2], is a type of heavy Tau Pulse Weapon.


The Pulse Blastcannon uses Aggressive Reactive Charge (A.R.C.) technology to hyper-accelerate plasma energy. When fired, a stream of negatively charged particles are expelled from the gun milliseconds before the main plasma charge, accelerating the plasma burst into the target to explosive effect.[2]

Mounted on the KV128 Stormsurge Battlesuit, the Pulse ARC cannon is capable of engaging enemy Titans.[1] An advanced variant of the weapon designed by Tu'len known as the Multi-Phase-Locked Pulse ARC Cannon can have multiple KV128's combine their beams together, mustering enough force to bring down the heaviest enemy vehicles in a single shot.[3]

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