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Pulse Bomb Generator

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Pulse Bomb Generator mounted on a Sun Shark Bomber[1]

The Pulse Bomb Generator is a Tau weapons system commonly mounted on the Sun Shark Bomber. The system itself is capable of producing and launching Pulse Bombs, giving the Sun Shark a potent level of firepower capable of blasting ground targets.[1] The pulse bomb generator works by rapidly spinning, which builds up pulse energy until a ball of plasma is unleashed in enemies below.[2] All that leave of the targets of the impact - glowing crater and drfting ash.[3]

There is no need for rearming the pulse bomb generator, because each of them can continue to manufacture fresh ordnance for its craft almost indefinitely. At some times though it can get a minor malfunction so for optimal alignment it requires reconfiguration before it can recommence production. Until then the Sun Shark Bomber forced to manoeuvre and use its rocket systems, markerlight and a pair of nimble Interceptor Drones to avoid enemy fire while the reactor recharging completed.[3]

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