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Punisher Class Strike Cruiser

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Punisher Strike Cruiser Inviolable Retribution [1]

The Punisher Class Strike Cruiser is a Cruiser class warship used by the Adeptus Arbites. Forming the backbone of the Arbites fleet, the Punisher is primarily a patrol vessel used to bolster local PDF security, put down rebellions, hunt down pirate bands, and transport high-ranking Arbites officials. The design of the Punisher is very similar to that of a Space Marine Strike Cruiser, though the Punisher possesses less armour and heavy weaponry then its Astartes counterpart. The ships however possess specialize scanning arrays designed to locate pirate bases and heretic strongholds in isolated regions of space.[1]

Adeptus Arbites ships are few compared to their Imperial Navy counterparts and thus rarely participate in major engagements or joint fleet actions. Nonetheless these ships boast an array of Torpedoes and Bombardment Cannons in addition to a limited amount of Attack Craft which are used primarily for scouting and point defense.[1]

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