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Purging Sword

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The Purging Sword is a Grey Knights Strike Cruiser that transported Brother-Captain Stern's strike force during the Assault on Sortiarius.[1a]

The Strike Cruiser initially played no part in the attack, as the Chaos ritual site the Grey Knights and their Dark Angels allies sought to destroy was protected by a shield.[1a] However, the shield was later disrupted and Stern ordered the Purging Sword to fire upon the ritual site, after the Grey Knights and Dark Angels were unable to stop it in time. While the Strike Cruiser's subsequent orbital bombardment destroyed the ritual site, it also killed many of the Dark Angels and Grey Knights that were near it. Afterwards, the survivors began to evacuate aboard the Purging Sword and the Dark Angels' vessel Seeker of Redemption, while under fire from the Thousand Sons. When as many of the surviving Space Marines that could be saved were aboard, the two ships then escaped from the Prospero System.[1b]

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