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Grey Knights Purifiers[1c]

Purifiers are members of the Grey Knights Chapter, one of two elite brotherhoods (the other being the Paladins). They stand watch at the Chamber of Purity on Titan.[1a]


Purifiers serve as the spiritual heart of the Grey Knights and are an anathema to Warp spawn with the dark taint of these creatures withering at the touch of a Purifier. This gift means that they form their own small yet entirely unique Brotherhood.[1b]

Their order is set apart from their Battle-Brothers, as they serve as exemplars of their Chapter's warrior ideals along with their sanctity of purpose. Their eyes burn with a black fire bordering on fanaticism whilst showing a dour and taciturn attitude. Their untarnished spirit serves as both their most defining trait and ultimate weapon which combines with their psychic might to create a burning flame that not only surrounds their body but their soul itself. Every being which harbours evil or malevolence fuels this fire that leaves none unscathed except the Purifier themselves.[1c]

Grey Knights Purifier

Membership in their number is given to those that show a tally of grim deeds soaked in blood, valour and skill, with no set procedure or training regime for entering their ranks. In fact, a Grey Knight can serve the Chapter for centuries with distinction without ever being granted the honour of membership into the Brotherhood of Purifiers. The Purifiers themselves only select those Battle-Brothers who show an incorruptible soul and who demonstrate resistance to the temptations of the Warp even amongst the standards of the Grey Knights. This high standard meant that there are only a few Purifiers at any time, and no thought has ever been given to relaxing the restrictions, in fear that it would compromise the sanctity of their order.[1c] At any given moment, there are rarely more than forty Purifiers and only with the arrival of some great incursion do their ranks swell in number.[1b] Fortunately, even their limited numbers prove adequate to the task and they often ensure their sacred duty of combating the machinations of Daemons thus allowing the fires of victory to endure. This duty means that they often form the spearhead of any assault, though, as is the case with all Grey Knights, they understand that their mission comes first before personal survival.[1c]

At their station in the Chamber of Purity, they stand guard and prevent any outsiders from entering the area, with only a few given the privilege of passage into this part of the citadel. It is said that only the Purifiers know the exact nature of their prisoner but never speak of it, not even to the Supreme Grand Master. Whenever the rocks of Titan shake, the Purifiers move in to seal any breaches to the chamber, with the Chapter waiting in anticipation until the tremors cease.[1a] It is known that they struck against their own Battle-Brothers who dared enter into the Chamber of Purity, as they trust no one else with their sacred mission of protecting the mysterious contents of the prison.[1c]


In the year 800.M41, the predictions of the Prognosticars led to Brother-Captain Pelenas taking as many Purifiers with him as possible to the Eldar Craftworld of Malan'tai, that had fallen to the Tyranids, after which its ruined carcass was being fed on by the Keeper of Secrets N'Kari. A dozen of their number fell to the Greater Daemon's power before Pelenas managed to defeat it and force it back into the Warp, whereupon a small number of Purifiers stood watch over Malan'tai until the Eldar returned to claim the fallen Spirit stones.[1b]


Purifiers are divided into squadrons led by a Knight of the Flame (effectively the Purifier equivalent of a Justicar).[2]

The Order of the Purifiers as a whole is led by a Grey Knight who holds the rank of Castellan Champion, as they function as the Brotherhood Champion of the order in addition to leading its operations. The Castellan Champion also carries out of one the most arduous tasks in the Chapter, acting as the Warden of the Blade - the keeper of the dreaded Blade of Antwyr.[3]


A Grey Knight Purifier Squad



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