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Puritans are a conservative political and philosophical faction of the Inquisition. To the conservative Puritans, it is of the utmost importance that Inquisition doctrine be upheld, and are often found persecuting those Inquisitors who are deemed heretical. They are in favor of the status quo and believe any evil, be it heresy, Chaos, or Xenos, should be shunned in all its forms. Puritans are known for their hostility and tension towards the other major faction of the Inquisition, Radicals.[1]

Puritan Sub-factions

  • Amalathians- Believe that the Emperor has a grand plan and that it is unfolding as it should.
  • Anomolian Beholders- Believe that their goal is to observe Humanity and await the Emperor Incarnate's arrival.
  • Ardentities- Believe that the power of the God-Emperor is likely to manifest either through a group or, more likely, through the entirety of Mankind itself.
  • Monodominant- Believe that the Imperium, and only the Imperium, should be allowed to exist.
  • Thorians- believe that the Emperor´s spirit can be transferred into another host, referred to as a Divine Avatar.

Notable Puritan Inquisitors