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Purity Lathimon

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Purity Lathimon was a Rogue Trader who discovered the safe passage that led to the Koronus Expanse in 997.M40.[1]


She succeeded where dozens of other Rogue Traders failed and perished. Purity later dubbed the passage the Maw, but in some quarters its discovery led her to become fated and cursed in equal measure. This began after her return to the Calixis Sector, when the Rogue Trader's crew was left largely too insane or troubled in mind to travel the void again. Because of this, Purity chose to barter her knowledge to other Rogue Traders for vast wealth. They then became posed to exploit her discovery, while Purity herself is said to have disappeared within the Imperium. Some apocryphal stories say she later used her wealth to purchase her own Paradise World. Others stories claim, though, that Purity went on to meet a far darker fate...[1]

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