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Pydanoris Calligus

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Pydanoris Calligus

Pydanoris Calligus is a Custodian Warden of the Adeptus Custodes Solar Watch. He is the eldest and most respected warrior within his squad, always ensuring that no advantage conceded, no detail is missed, and no foe given even a moment’s respitelending his steady and uncompromising counsel to his comrades. Calligus and his squad have boarded mass-conveyor barges that turned out to be packed with cultists, destroying the garrisons of defence platforms found neglectful in their duties, and sallied out under Shield-Captain Thetus to decimate cabal of xenos flesh-witches on Yorlos before they could work their evils against the Golden Throne.[1]

Like all the warriors of the Solar Watch he wears the marble-white armour with the red pauldrons and tabard.[1]


Pydanoris Calligus wears sable Custodian Armour and wields a Guardian Spear.[1]