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Pyriel is a Salamanders Librarian who has attained the rank of Epistolary.


This page contains spoilers for: Tome of Fire (Novel Series)

He was attached to the Chapter's 3rd company at the behest of Chief Librarian Vel'cona to watch over Sergeant Dak'ir's latent psychic ability.[1a] Since then, he has been charged with instructing Da'kir in the ways of becoming a Librarian of the Chapter.[2]

During the Siege of Nocturne by the Dragon Warriors, Pyriel was fatally wounded by Nihilan in a psychic battle in Mount Deathfire. He later died in Vel'cona's arms.[3]


Pyriel is named after a (former?) member of the The Bolter & Chainsword(an internet forum focusing primarily on Space Marines and closely related factions). Pyriel is a prominent and long time member well known for his association with the Salamanders. Author Nick Kyme named the characters of Pyriel and Argos after the Bolter & Chainsword users Pyriel and Brother Argos (the owner of the Bolter & Chainsword forum, and another noted Salamander aficionado), in recognition of the guidance and support they gave him during the planning and writing of Salamander (Novel).[4]