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Pyrus Reach Sector

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The Pyrus Reach Sector is located on the remote edges of Imperium space and holds worlds rich in raw materials needed to feed the Imperial war machine. Those worlds are now at risk of slipping from the Imperium's grasp however, as the enemies of Mankind have converged upon the Pyrus Reach Sector; each with their own goals to achieve.[1]

  • In the shadows of the sector the Eldar forces lie in wait. A lone Farseer of a forgotten Craftworld foresees the oncoming onslaught in the sector and has manipulated events to get the Dark Angels Chapter to respond.[1]
  • Beset on all sides, somewhere in the middle of the Pyrus Reach Sector, the Emperor's forces take their stand to protect what worlds remain to them and work to reclaim the Sector for the Imperium.[1]

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