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Qaramar of the Lost Second and the Last Watcher of the Last Moment, is a powerful Daemon of Nurgle, who claims to be the Plague Father's fifth favoured servant.[1]


During the Plague Wars, the Daemon Primarch Mortarion charged Qaramar with killing the reborn Guilliman and used the Daemon as a trap on Espandor for his Brother, as the Lord Commander sought to reclaim the world from Nurgle. When Guilliman later destroyed a device created by Mortarion, which the Daemon Primarch was using to spread madness and corruption throughout Ultramar, it allowed Qaramar to emerge on Espandor from the Warp and the Daemon began immediately attacking Guilliman and his forces. At first, due to Qaramar's ability to easily heal itself, the dragon-like Daemon killed many of the Lord Commander's forces; until Guilliman confronted Qaramar while wielding the Sword of the Emperor. The Sword is anathema to all Daemonkind and when the Lord Commander repeatedly struck Qaramar, the wounds he dealt the Daemon refused to heal. To Qaramar's shock and dismay the Sword's powers soon caused its body to severely weaken, to the point where it could no longer heal itself from any damage it suffered, and the Daemon was forced to defend itself, as Guilliman's forces unleashed their wrath upon it. Though Qaramar had claimed it could not be defeated or killed, Guilliman proved this to be false when he then pierced the Daemon's heart, with the Sword of the Emperor and caused it to burst into flames, before it collapsed in defeat. As the Daemon lay broken on the ground, it was banished back to the Warp, by the Ultramarines Chief Librarian Tigurius and the other Librarians accompanying Guilliman, and this ended the last major threat preventing the Imperium from reclaiming Espandor from Nurgle's grasp.[1]

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