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Quarantined World

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Quarantined Worlds are an Imperial classification of planet. These worlds are too dangerous to settle or explore, but still seen as too valuable to destroy or ignore completely. These planets are placed under strict quarantine by the Administratum or Inquisition and sometimes are even blockaded to ensure that nothing may enter or leave its surface until the Imperium can properly utilize them.[1]

Known Quarantined Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Affiliation Population Notes
Abandoned Hope[3] Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Belial IV[5a] Segmentum Obscurus Chaos Forbidden under interdict of the Ecclesiarchy during the First Survey[5a]
Carrion Deep (former)[2] Segmentum Tempestus Imperium None Now — Dead World and Tomb World
Gonomondium[1] Unknown Imperium Unknown
Haxan Prime[1] Unknown Imperium Unknown
Phargos Rex[6a][7a] ("Phargos Hex")[6a][6b] Ultima Segmentum Unclear Unknown Declared "classified" and "forbidden"[6a][6b] after becoming engulfed by a Warp Storm during the Pale Stars campaign (Horus Heresy)[7b]
Sarvakal 22-b Ultima Segmentum former Cythor Fiends, currently Imperium None Quarantined since the Ghoul Stars Crusade[4]
Signus Prime Ultima Segmentum Imperium None Quarantined since the Battle of Signus Prime during the Horus Heresy
Skopios (former) Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown Formerly Research Station. It was a large asteroid that was destroyed by Imperium and a large area surrounding its remains was quarantined
Teruxyne Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown Also — Dead World
Typhon[5b] Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown Near the Eye of Terror[5b]


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