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Queen Lorsha of Skullhole[1]

Queen Lorsha of Skullhole is a Chaos Cultist leader on Necromunda.[1]

Once, Lorsha was a Consort of the Mercator Pallidus, but when her family was struck down by the neuron plague and Lorsha was somehow spared she could not bring herself to dispatch her zombified brothers and sisters. Instead she herded them downhive, seeking out a remote settlement. Eventually Lorsha and her family came upon the town of Skullhole, a collective of hard-working holesteaders living in the depths of the badzones. After foolishly opening their gates for the former Pale Consort, the locals were then given the choice to succumb to the plague or feed Lorsha’s family, and it was not long before Lorsha alone drew breath within Skullhole. Lorsha kept her family fed on unsuspecting travelers while making sure they didn’t wander off into the badzones. Then the voices started. At first thinking they were her family, in time she came to realize it was something else. The voice convinced her she should spread the neuron plague to others and that everyone deserved the blessing of its touch. Leaving Skullhole behind Lorsha took up her bone sceptre and knives, the ancient implements of the Pale Consorts, and set out to find allies who would help her spread the disease that still existed within her.[1]