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Quenthus VIII

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Galaxy map segmentumobscurus.jpg
Name: Quenthus VIII Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus[1]
Sector: Scarus sector[1]
Subsector: Angelus subsector[1]
Affiliation: Imperium[1]

Quenthus VIII is a world in the Segmentum Obscurus.[1]


Little of Quenthus is known, but it harbors elements of civilization; visitors can attend and place bets at amphitheaters and arenas where pit fights take place, as well as markets where slaves can be purchased.[1]

Quenthus VIII has the questionable honor of being where one of the vilest, most infamous heretics of the Imperium, Pontius Glaw, was seduced by Chaos. In 019.M41, Pontius had been visiting to purchase slaves for his own pit games when he met Aaa, a savage who had been brought in from Borea. To convince the then-young noble to purchase him, Aaa offered Pontius a golden necklace that was tainted by Chaos; upon putting it around his neck, the stuff of darkness was focused into his mind. At that moment Pontius was reborn as a true monster.[1]

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