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Quesadra was Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists during the War of the Beast in mid-M32.[1]

He represented the Crimson Fists during the meeting between the Imperial Fists successors at the Phall System that would seek to reunify them back into a Legion.[2] He later helped lead the attack against the Ork Attack Moon over Terra[3]. Once Ullanor, was determined to be where The Beast's forces originated from, Quesadra led the Crimson Fists as part of the Imperium's strike force sent to invade the world, in order to kill the Warboss. The Chapter Master would take part in attacking the Orks' capital Gorkogrod and was later part of the combined Space Marine force that invaded the Warboss' personal Gargant. Just as the Space Marines reached the doors leading to The Beast's personal chambers within the Gargant however, they were attacked by Killa Kans and Quesadra was killed when his body was cut in half.[4]

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