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Quetzel Carthach

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Quetzel Carthach (sometimes spelled Quetzal Carthach[2][1c]) known as Angelbane, is an Arch-Lord and Harrowmaster of the Alpha Legion.[1d]

He was supposedly present on Eskrador the day that Omegon fell, something that caused him to develop a fierce hatred for the Ultramarines and their successors.[1c] Commanding the Sons of the Hydra Warband, Quetzel gained quasi-authority over other independent Alpha Legion cells such as The Redacted as he wages a campaign in the Maelstrom Zone.[1d] He considered himself the Angelbane, a living end to the successor sons of Guilliman. At one point, Carthach fell under the influence of an allegedly returned Alpharius;[1g] furthermore, a Necron Cryptek named Omizhar Vohk was able to become his advisor.[1a] Both tried to manipulate Carthach.[1a][1g] Carthach's activities led him into attacking the homeworlds of the Vindicators, Crimson Consuls, Nova Legion, and finally Marines Mordant. As such, he was the target of many Inquisition assassination attempts.[1a]

After successfully destroying the Marines Mordant, however, Quetzel Carthach seemingly attempted to betray one of his subordinates, Lord Occam of The Redacted. In this regard, he was probably deceived by Omizhar Vohk. Before Carthach could make his move, Vohk informed Occam about the betrayal, causing the latter to use the captured Marines Mordant Battle Barge to open fire on Carthach's position. The latter was generally believed to be dead, and the survivors of his Alpha Legion coalition subsequently splintered.[1c][1d][1e]

Alongside his few remaining loyalists, Carthach ultimately resurfaced on Procul-Sanctus. He had prepared an ambush for Occam's forces by guiding the Inquisition and Grey Knights to attack Occam himself, while human allies slaughtered The Redacted's cultists at Procul-Sanctus, and Carthach himself boarded Occam's Q-Ship Iota-Æternus. Contacting his former ally via com, Carthach could not help himself by gloating about his success and how he had brought down his rival by using one of Occam's own followers, Autolicon Phex. However, Occam used the opportunity to order his assassin Mina Perdita to damage the Iota-Æternus's Gellar Fields. As the ship had been previously possessed by Daemons, this caused the entire ship to start killing everyone onboard. Carthach screamed in frustration, even as he and his last loyalists were torn apart by the possessed vessel.[1b][1f]