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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Quintarn Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[6]
Sector: Ultima Sector[6]
Subsector: Ultramar[6]
System: Masali System[6]
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Agri World, Desert World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Quintarn is an Imperial Agri World, one of the nine worlds of Ultramar. Quintarn and its sister planets of Tarentus and Masali are collectively referred to as "The Three Planets."[1]

Geography and History

Unusually for Agri Worlds, the Three Planets are largely desert, but feature hundreds of dome-enclosed cities, with vast water traps, capturing moisture from the atmosphere and storing it underground.[1] These cities support arable land and hydroponic cultivation that make Quintarn one of the most productive Agri Worlds in the Imperium, supplying foodstuffs to the rest of Ultramar, and many other planets beyond.[3a]

During the War of the Beast in M32, Quintarn was invaded by Orks[5]. The Three Planets were captured by Ork scavengers just after the battle against Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745.M41. Marneus Calgar led the forces of the Ultramarines to reconquer them[Needs Citation].

During the Invasion of Ultramar in 854999.M41, by the Chaos warband known as the Bloodborn, Quintarn was invaded by the forces of the Dark Mechanicus Priest Votheer Tark[4][3a].

Notable Locations

  • Castra Mondus - one of the planet's dome cities, during the Invasion of Ultramar, Castra Mondus was overrun and the defending Imperial forces were forced to fall back to Idrisia.[3b]
  • Idrisia - one of Quintarn's most important dome cities, Idrisia sits at the confluence of three different rivers. During the Invasion of Ultramar, it served as the lynchpin of the Ultramarines defense, who referred to it as the "gateway" to the southern cities.[3b]
  • Maidens of Nestor - during the Orkish occupation, a thousand priestesses of the Imperial Cult chose to hurl themselves to their death from Quintarn's highest mountain, rather than be taken prisoner by the greenskins. In commemoration of their sacrifice, the mountaintop was razed by an orbital bombardment, and the resulting rock formations were sculpted into a thousand effigies of the priestesses. This monument became known as the Maidens of Nestor[3d].
  • The Upashid Scar - a natural rock formation in the deserts north of Idrisia, the Scar was the site of a fierce battle during the Invasion of Ultramar, between Votheer Tark's hordes of armoured vehicles and a combined force of the Ultramarines and the Quintarn Defence Auxilia, commanded by Antaro Chronus.[3b][3c]

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