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Quintos was a Sergeant of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter, the leader of Squad Quintos.[2]

Quintos was one of the last generation of Space Marines in the Chapter to have been recruited from the planet Sotha before it fell to the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken. Following the Fall of Sotha, Quintos was a neophyte member of the 21st Salvation Team under Sergeant Tiresias, until he lost an arm and part of his face to a Tyranid attack on the Hive Ship designated #10998 Archelon. As a result of his injuries, he sported a replacement bionic arm.[1]

He later became the leader of the Chapter's 121st Salvation Team.[1] Quintos and the 121st Salvation Team would go on to recover the gene-seed of Commander Cassios and the body and gene-seed of Sergeant Tiresias, after he was mortally wounded during a mission to destroy a new Hive Ship.[1]

Squad Quintos also participated in the evacuation of Brakur Dominus when the Brakur System was invaded by another Hive Ship, designated #37067 Daedalus.[2]