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Squat Quotes

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This article collects all quotes made by, or about, Squats (and Traitor Squats/ Chaos Squats). The quotes are organized in alphabetical order using the quote's author's name. Unattributed quotes are at the end of the list.



Author Quote Source
Lord Grumni, Bruggen Stronghold We have always been a race of traders. It is natural to us that we should trade the fighting skills of our Brotherhoods. As well as bringing us a profit, it also allows our youngsters to gain experience and honour, and to keep alive the skills which our strongholds may one day need for their own defence. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 172


Author Quote Source
Morgin Harad, Adeptus Mechanicus The Squats have advanced our cause considerably over the millennia. On no other group of worlds has so much Dark Age technology survived, nor so much expertise been preserved. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 165
Warlord Hargir son of Brond, Gruben Stronghold You people do well at war because you treat it as a religion. We do well because we treat it as a business. It is just a matter of outlook. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 171


Author Quote Source
Warlord Kettri son of Egil, Grindel Stronghold On one side of me stand my Homeworld, Stronghold and Brotherhood; On the other, my ancestors. I cannot behave otherwise than honourably. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 164


Author Quote Source
Leman Russ, Meditations on Imperial Command, Book XVI Do not underestimate the Squats. They survived for millennia cut off from the Imperium and assailed from all sides. Their determination and resilience is an example to all. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 167


Author Quote Source
Engineer Sindri, Massunich Lodge, Engineers' Guild An Engineer travels light because it's easier. Instead of lugging several thousand tools around with you, get where you're going, look at the job, decide what tools you need, and make them on the spot. Far more practical. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 177


Author Quote Source
Warlord Thargrim "the red", Traitor Squat commander Do not think we bear you any ill-will. You were simply in the right place at the right time - or the wrong time from your point of view. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 178


Quote Source
The Tech-adept rewound the tendrils into the stump of his wrist.

The nature of this device is not clear to me. The short figure at his side bustled up to the console

Well, shift your spanners and let's have a look at the thing. The Tech-adept sidled uncomfortably away, and the Squat peered into the casing.

Now, then. continued the Squat, as much to himself as to the Adept. Hydroplastic power transmission, controls attached to a timer and what looks like an encoder, a pressure chamber at the centre, surrounded by... The Tech-adept, who was looking over the Squat's shoulder by this time, shot a manipulative tendril into the machine, seizing a frayed and broken end of a cable.

If we remake this join... he began, enthusiastically. The Squat laid a restraining hand on his arm.

I really wouldn't recommend it. he said. You see, I interpret this device as an unusually complex plasma bomb, and that cable you're holding goes direct to the arming mechanism.

Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 169
The young Warlord turned to the ancient Squat beside him.

Revered Ancestor, he said, what is our best course in this situation?

The Living Ancestor half-closed his rheumy eyes.

I have seen this but once before, he began. Six hundred years before your birth, your revered ancestor Lord Thyngrim, whose name you bear in your turn, was on the world of Dioscis Theta. I was younger then, undistinguished amongst the mass of the Brotherhood.

And how did Lord Thyngrim win the day? asked the Warlord with some impatience. The Orks were getting closer. The Living Ancestor shook as he chuckled, a sound like pebbles clacking together.

I cannot tell you how to win as he did, he said, But if you don't mind uncomfortable truths, I can tell you how to avoid losing as he did.

Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 170
So Grunhag led his host to Wyss,

Encamped upon the plain of Swend.
Proud Hargan and rich Erlach fell,
Destroyed and ravaged and defiled.
"You see my power" Grunhag quoth,
"Let Imbach see and quake in fear,
And pay me treasure, wealth and slaves."
He added with a sneer.

Lord Uri sat in Imbach's hall,
His brow as hard as knotted flint.
"No Ork shall take our folk as slaves,
Nor what we win from laden rock,
While one in Imbach still draws breath."
He told proud Grunhag "Nothing here
Is yours except an Ork-shaped hole,
And headstone with your name."

Called Imbach to the vain Eldar,
"Your enemy is at our gates.
Come to our aid against your foes,
Together let us lay them low."
The Eldar never made reply,
But left fair Imbach to the Orks.
"We fight alone, then" Uri said,
"Our friends leave us to die".

from The Fall of Imbach

Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 166
Of all the races of the universe the Squats have the longest memories and the shortest tempers. They are uncouth, unpredictably violent, and frequently drunk. Overall, I'm glad they're on our side!
- Report to the Imperial Guard High Command (Thuro)
Codex Imperialis, pg. 74
Squats have long memories and never forget an act of treachery or a broken promise. The relationship between the Homeworlds and the Imperium has always been strained, and the history of the two peoples is studded with bouts of war and ill-feeling. Squats are not diplomatic by nature, their brutal manners and fierce tempers do not always inspire confidence in men. Eldar regard them as little more than beasts and only barely preferable to Orks. But the Squats care little for the effete ways of men or the mincing delicacies of the Eldar. Squats are robust in body and bluff in manner, and consider other races fragile and lacking in the good, honest Squat virtues of comradeship and directness. Codex Imperialis, pg. 73