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Quovandius is a Mutant.[1]


Having been brought up in a slave mill on Thagra IV, he was raised by birth in dank cells beneath factories. When Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines attacked Thagra, the slave mill was heavily damaged by their orbital bombardment and it was Quovandius who seized the opportunity to lead several hundred of his brethren to freedom. However as the Alpha Legion began to conquer more and more of the planet, some of the freed mutants joined their ranks while Quovandius and his closest friends began a guerrilla war against the traitors. When the White Panthers arrived to liberate the planet, Quovandius and his followers were rounded up for execution after the Astartes commander believed them guilty for treason. However Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn pardoned the mutant. Since then, Quovandius has sworn an oath of loyalty to protect his master from harm.[1]