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Ragnarok Heavy Tank

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Tank; for the Space Wolves Battleship, see Ragnarok (Space Wolves).

The Ragnarok was a heavy tank first developed on Krieg during its civil war to meet the specific challenges of the time.[1]

With both sides caught in a stalemate, it became increasingly clear that the war was turning into a battle of attrition and that the winner would be the side with the most troops and guns. As the Leman Russ Battle Tank became increasingly rare and ill-suited to the sulphurous battlefield which was no-man's land, the Ragnarok was conceived to take its place: a tank that didn't need to be fast, as long as it could traverse treacherous terrain, nor one with long range, as visibility beneath the pollution-clouded skies of Krieg was short, but most importantly as simple to construct as possible.[1]

The resulting vehicle was a slab-slided monster, armed with a Ragnarok Battle Cannon, a hull mounted Lascannon[3] and two Heavy Stubbers which can be switched with two Heavy Bolters[3], but performed exactly as required. Since the civil war the Ragnarok has been recommissioned by other units, most notably the Baran Siegemasters, who refer to the machine affectionately as the 'Mk 1 Mobile Bunker'.[1]


  • This pattern of vehicle is named for Ragnarok, the "twilight of the gods" from Norse mythology.


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