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Cryptek Rahkoz

Rahkoz is a Necron Cryptek of the Suhbekhar Dynasty.[1]


As court Chronomancer, it is Rahkoz’s duty to manipulate milestone historical events, whether past, present, or future, to the benefit of the Suhbekhar Dynasty. As the masters of arcane super science and party to esoteric wisdom granted by the C’tan that would shatter the minds of lesser beings, the Crypteks are uniquely positioned to alter the fabric of the universe in ways only the most accomplished of their number can fully comprehend. At the height of the War in Heaven, the C'tan and the Necron legions bound to their service were able to unleash such unknowable weapons that the very fabric of time and space was theirs to shape according to their will. Though much of this science is still locked up in sealed stasis chambers or lost with the fragmented C’tan, some of it is returning as the Necrons rise across the galaxy once more. The Harbinger of Eternity is the foremost servant of the Suhbekhar Dynasty blessed with knowledge of this perilous field, and he wields such power as not even the overlord-regent is fully aware.[1]

Deep within the portions of the Hollow Sun turned over to Rahkoz are vast engines within which are generated forms of power entirely anathema to any known branch of science. The Chronomancer is said to be able to manipulate these incomprehensible energies and to influence events at almost any point in the space-time continuum, though exactly how, and how efficiently, remains a secret known only to him. Some of Rahkoz’s peers suspect he is capable of physically traversing the abyss of space and time, and of directly interacting in ways that alter the otherwise unalterable flow of cause and effect. Others believe this to be impossible, though even they concede that Rahkoz has the power to observe past and future events, and that in so doing he must surely have the power to alter them.[1]

The Chronomancer’s role within the royal court is to collate the predictions of its astrologer and other prognosticators and to advise his master on how those events deemed contrary to the interests of the Suhbekhar might be avoided or otherwise manipulated. How effective Rahkoz is cannot easily be judged, for there can be no evidence that a future calamity has been averted. Rahkoz makes frequent claims that the galaxy itself would have ended yesterday were it not for some bold deed he performed, especially when confronted by a sceptical rival. Nevertheless, the Necrons place great store in such things, and his position within the dynasty is for now assured.[1]

Unbeknownst to all but Rahkoz himself, however, is the fact that the Chronomancer’s powers are not nearly as total as he would have others believe. Rather, he has encountered an undercurrent of influence throughout the Outer Reach that appears interconnected with other times and places far and near. Key events appear fixed no matter what influence he might exert upon them, while he has become ever more certain that one or more others with a similar vocation to himself are active nearby. To date, the Court Chronomancer of the Suhbekhar has kept his concerns to himself, for to admit he is anything other than omniscient would seriously erode his power and influence. Growing ever more paranoid, Rahkoz is now convinced a hidden hand he refers to in barely intelligible mutters as “the stranger” is working against him, and he is convinced that a confrontation that will sunder space and time itself is in the offing.[1]