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Raid on Kastorel-Novem

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Raid on Kastorel-Novem
Mekslag Map.jpg
Map of the raid
Conflict Waaagh! Garaghak
Date 992.M41
Location Kastorel-Novem
Outcome Imperial retreat
Raven Guard
Elysian Drop Troops
Ork Waaagh!
Shadow Captain Korvydae
Colonel Taihon
Warboss Garaghak
Mekboy Buzzgob
Elements from 4 Raven Guard Companies
1 Regiment
Waaagh! level
70 Raven Guard
2,500 Elysians
Unknown, but significant

The Raid on Kastorel-Novem was a botched Imperial attempt to end the Waaagh! of the Ork Warboss Garaghak in late M41.[1]


In 952.M41 Waaagh! Garaghak had invaded the Kastorel-Novem Sector and transformed its capital, Kastorel-Novem, into the Ork base of operations and manufacturing world by enslaving the local population. Garaghak had much bigger ambitions however, and in 988.M41 began assaulting the Forsarr Sector. Worse still, the Greenskins were backed by heavy weapons, Stompas, and Gargants due to the mechanical genius of Garaghak's trusted lieutenant, Mekboy Buzzgob. Determined to stop Garaghak with a surgical strike on his base of Koastrel-Novem before he could cause anymore damage, the Imperium deployed elements from 4 companies of the Raven Guard under Shadow Captain Korvydae while the Departmento Munitorum provided the 181st Elysian Droop Troop Regiment of the Imperial Guard.[1a]


The raid began in 992.M41 and intended to both eliminate Mekboy Buzzgob and destroy the Ork fuel deposits on Kastorel-Novem, hopefully seizing the initiative from the Greenskins. The first strike of the battle began when Raven Guard Chaplain Eitath launched a Drop Pod assault on the Ork fuel refineries. Initially only encountering sparse resistance, Eitath's forces were successful in destroying the Greenskin refineries. Meanwhile, the rest of the Imperial forces were waiting for visual confirmation from Scouts of the location of Buzzgob so the main strike of the operation could begin.[1b]

To draw the attention of the Orks, the 181st Elysian Drop Troops Regiment launched an airborne assault on the Greenskin Gargant construction yards, engaging in a pitched but ultimately doomed battle against superior numbers. However Captain Korvydae proved reluctant to send the Guardsmen to their deaths and led his forces against the Goff Orks attacking the Elysians. Korvydae's surprise assault succeeded in holding back the Orks long enough for the Elysians to withdraw.[1c]

However Korvydae's noble action had seized the initaitve away from the Imperial forces, and soon Ork Stompas had been activated and were assaulting the Elysian and Raven Guard positions. Attempting to evacuate both the Raven Guard and Imperial Guard forces, Korvydae launched a diversionary attack against the Ork Stompa's and Deff Dreads to try and buy time for the retreat. Succeeding in holding back the Greenskins initially, Korvydae was stranded on the field of battle after his Land Raider was destroyed by Ork fire before being rescued by Thunderhawks. The surviving Elysian troops then withdrew via Valkyries with the remaining Raven Guard. Though they had managed to survive total annihilation, the Imperial Raid had been a failure.[1d]


Roughly 70 Raven Guard and 2,500 Elysian Drop Troops lost their lives in the botched raid, worse still much of the Imperial heavy weaponry could not be evacuated in time and was left behind to be looted by the Orks. Failing to blunt Waaagh! Garaghak, the Forsarr Sector fell to the Greenskins in 996.M41, leaving the Raven Guard's own Homeworld of Deliverance vulnerable to the Ork advance. Waagh! Garaghak has still failed to be blunted and Buzzgob continues to churn out heavy weaponry for the Warboss. For his failures during the raid, Korvydae served two years in the Deathwatch.[1e]