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Raid on Saim-Hann

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The Raid on Saim-Hann was a battle waged shortly after the creation of the Great Rift.[1]

The battle began when Yvraine, prophet of the Ynnari, was visiting the Craftworld of Saim-Hann seeking converts to her cause. As a council was convening in the Craftworlds tribal hub known as The Speaking Place, a Dark Eldar strike force burst from a long-forgotten Webway Gate.[1] The Dark Eldar forces were led by Drazhar, Master of Blades, who was following Asdrubael Vect's bounty on Yvraine. Drazhar was able to get a hand's breath from Yvraine, but was denied his prize by Jain Zar herself. The running battle that followed saw Asuryani, Ynnari, and Dark Eldar clash in a series of engagements that took them to the ancient ruins of the Eldar Empire and beyond. While Jain Zar could not match Drazhar's combat prowess, gifts granted to her by Ynnead allowed her to fight with uncanny speed and skill. This protected Yvraine, and allowed her to escape back into the Webway.[1a]