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Rail Rifle

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Rail Rife

The Rail Rifle is a devastating Sniper rifle used by Tau Pathfinders[2] as well as Sniper Drones.


This weapon, which is based on technology used in the larger Railgun, was only approved for front-line use shortly after the Third Sphere Expansion following extensive field-testing.[Needs Citation] Using linear accelerators to launch a hypervelocity, trilium-tipped solid dart, the Rail Rifle is capable of mortally wounding even the larger Tyranid bio-organisms, though the heavy armour plating found on Broadside Battlesuits offers some protection. While loaded with over a hundred rounds, the energy requirements for firing even a single slug requires the use of an entire cartridge power cell, a fact more than compensated for by the weapon's stopping power and penetration.[1]


Tau Pathfinder with a Rail Rifle

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